Where I've been featured

Here's a little compilation of places I've been featured


One of my first times featured. This isn't an official nintendo video,but it was made in miiverse's infant months.

Nintendo's' magazing(link is currently unavaliable,but will be adding pic shortly)

In the mariokart competion,I was awarded 2nd prize. While It's not my best work,and I'll admit it, the drawing took 8+ hours to draw.


I've placed Meepons in the art contest roughly 10 times,with 3 of them being 1st place.

My first entry into neopian times,back when it was still in press. I've come a long way since then,so if you were wondering why it looked so simple, it's because it is simple. Back then, I primarily used ms paint,which I still use sometimes for joke drawings.

I had been trying to get into art galler for YEARS,so getting this in made me jump for joy.