About me

Wanna know a bit about me,ya? Well,ok. This was on the main page,but I figured most people don't give a hoot,so here it is.

As of now,I am a highschool student,who loves drawing,videogames,and computers.When I was seven years old, I joined a site called NeoPets, which sparked my interest in many things. Since I was at such a young age at the time, I wasn't allowed to chat or work on my petpages, though that all changed when I mailed in parental consent. At this time, I had the ability to customize my neopet's pages. At that time,I didn't know anything about html,which neopets still runs on to this day,so I copied and pasted "premades" which consisted of sparklly pages and popular pop songs from the early-mid 2000's. A few times,I tried html,but overall,the pages were very bland.

As time went on,I started to be more interested in drawing,and I joined a place called deviantart in 2010. I was underaged,though,and managed to keep my cover from being blown.In this time,I learned a ton from artists,and even went back to neopets. Friends came and went a lot for me,and I wasn't that confident in my artistic skills.It's something that I just did because I thought it was fun. Even though social media had already become huge at the time,I didn't do much about it because I wasn't allowed to use it and it never caught my interests like other places did.

Then 2012 came and my life online really changed. I love gaming,and have since my father gave me a gameboy advance as a kid. because of that,I feel like I'm pretty loyal to Nintendo. When the wiiu came out,though,I wasn't that interested. It didn't appeal to me,but my opinion changed when I got the system for christmas. Two days later, I joined miiverse,my start into the social media world. It was a small community at the time, exclusive to those who had purchased the new wiiu. Because they were mostly devoted gamers, I felt like I could talk to some really cool people. There weren't many artists at the time,which allowed me to draw and get way more attention in comparison to places like deviantart,where my art would get burried by other stuff.That really raised my confidence as an artist,and I was able to grow so much from the people I looked up to, and I started spending all my freetime there. I met so many great friends that I still talk to as of writing this,and I love them dearly. We had so much to talk about then,and didn't give a care about anything else.

Another year came and went,and I grew in popularity on miiverse. One of the things I remember being told at the time was that I was a "rising star" and at the time,I let it get to my head. With the coming and going of 2013, a new wave of users came from the 3ds addition as well as another Christmas. This is when I noticed things were starting to change. The smashers had risen, art started to get more popular, and pixel art started to mean less to people. The users who I had looked up to began to disappear along with my hope. Christmas break came,and I talked with some of my fairly new online friends for hours on end,which was possible back then because there was no 2 minute rule for comments,until a little bit later.

Spring 2014 brought another year of miiverse and some changes as well. Around May,my wrist started hurting really bad. Ignoring it, I continued on, wanting to continue drawing and going online. I kept my parents from knowing about if for a while,until one night I couldn't sleep and caught my parents attention from crying out in pain at night. After going to the doctors, I wasn't allowed to go online for weeks,which made me feel awful. Yes,I'll admit that I was and still am addicted to the net. Not being able to draw or go on the computer just crushed me. Part of me felt alone,because I had grown rather fond of my friends. It lead to an intersting summer for sure, I had started writing a "doodle diary" that my sister would find and laugh at. For about a month,I would cry alone in my room everyday,and I snuck going on animal crossing to talk to some of my friends. As things got better,I started to go back to my normal habbits,though I still get arm pains if I write too much(which is great since it helps avoid long writing sessions).

My Junior year came just under a year ago,yay! I get stressed out somewhat easily,so extra classes was a change. I went on more haitus than before and explored social media such as tumblr and twitter.I used to worry about not being online until I was gone for over a week and was surprised by the response. Not even my friends noticed I was gone,which struck a bit of a blow to me. I don't mean to sound egotistical about it,but that's when it really hit me that I was just a placeholder and a lot of people I talked to had moved on. Since then,I've been trying to find ways to improve myself and be useful. So, after going back from a haitus,I started coding my neopets page a bit. Neopets is nice,but I wanted more freedom,more creativity,so I came here.

One of the things I felt like I had needed to do was fit in with one of the miiverse factions. curious about the wiki,I tried to become a smasher,facing backlash from the very beginning. One of the nicest people I have met(who I will not name unless he says it's okay to) gave me a position on the page without me even asking. Grateful to be a part of something,I was also stressed out and felt like I had a lot to live up to. I only had enough time to monitor over pages and spend about an hour a day for that small week I was a part of it,but in that time, my grades fell and I became pretty stressed out.When the site went down from being bullies, I let my temper get the best of me and criticized the people there,who I had been trying to avoid,but reached bursting point. The day after that was a nightmare;I had seen some of the nastiest comments directed towards me,and knew nothing to do but cry my heart out for over an hour. Earlier in the year,I had felt crushed after getting almost entirely negative reception on my art contest submission that got sencond,but I got over it.

On Mother's day 2015,I started looking up throwbacks like old browsers. Finding sites like angelfire and Geocities,I was interested in them. They were a part of internet history that I cherish. To my surprised,I found an awesome place called neocities,which I thought would be great. I thought it'd help me improve,as another building block forward into the future. I've learned so much from the internet,and I'm ready to learn so much more in the future.